Williams FJ44-1A Line Maintenance Manual (MM) Download


Williams FJ44-1A Line Maintenance Manual

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FJ44-1A Line Maintenance Manual (MM) Download

The Williams FJ44 is a family of small, two-spool, turbofan engines produced by Williams International/Rolls-Royce for the light business jet market. Until the recent boom in the very light jet market, the FJ44 was one of the smallest turbofans available for civilian applications. Although basically a Williams design, Rolls-Royce was brought into the project at an early stage to design, develop, and manufacture an air-cooled high-pressure (HP) turbine for the engine. The FJ44 first flew on July 12, 1988 on the Scaled Composites/Beechcraft Triumph aircraft. The Williams FJ33 is a newer, smaller engine based on the basic FJ44 design.


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