Super King Air 200 Series Wiring Diagram Manual (WDM) Download


King Air 200 Series Wiring Diagram Manual WDM Download
200 and 200T
(Serials BB-2, BE-6 thru BB-733, BE-735 thru BB-792, BE-794
thru BB-823, BE-830 thru BB-853, BE-871 thru
BB-873, BB-892, BE-893 and BB-SI2)
(BT-1 thru BT-22)

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Super King Air 200 Series Wiring Diagram Manual (WDM) Download

The Model 200 was originally conceived as the Model 101 in 1969, and was a development of the Model 100 King Air. The Model 200 had essentially the same fuselage as the Model 100, with changes to the rear fuselage to accommodate a new T-tail (in place of the 100’s conventional tail with all-moving trimmable horizontal stabilizer) and structural changes to allow higher maximum pressurization. Apart from the T-tail, other changes included Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-41 engines rated at 850 shp (630 kW) instead of the 680 shp (510 kW) engines of the Model A100 then in production, and a wing of increased span and extra fuel capacity. Overall, the 200 was 3 ft 10 in (1.17 m) longer than the A100, with wingspan 4 ft 3 in (1.29 m) greater, containing 60 US gallons (230 L) more fuel.

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