Gulfstream G100 Astra IAI Astra SPX IPC


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Gulfstream G100 Astra IAI Astra SPX IPC

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) developed the Astra from its Model 1124 Westwind business jet. Work on an improved Westwind began in the late 1970s,[3] with the first prototype flight on 19 March 1984.[4] The first production Astra flew on 20 March 1985, with FAA certification granted on 29 August 1985 and customer deliveries starting in 1986.[4]

The original 1125 Astra was replaced by the Astra SP, announced in 1989; 37 were built. The third variant, the Astra SPX, flew for the first time in August 1994. This variant was renamed G100 from September 2002 following Gulfstream’s acquisition of Galaxy Aerospace, which held the Astra type certificate, in May 2001.

In September 2002, Gulfstream announced the improved G150, based on the G100

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